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  1. Do I need to have computer knowledge to set up a UjENA webstore? NO. UjENA Web Stores are designed for any entrepreneur to start their home business.
  2. How long does it take to set up a UjENA webstore? Once a template and domain name is selected the products and shopping cart are ready to go live and begin taking orders.
  3. How much money can I expect to make? Like any business, making money depends on many factors. Currently we have partners who are making close to $100,000 per year. Itís no secret that a successful ecommerce business is only as good as your ability to market and drive quality traffic to it.
  4. What makes this ecommerce opportunity better than others. All of the above.
  5. I already have an ecommerce business. How can I integrate a UjENA webstore with what Iím already doing. To minimize operational costs our software is designed to operate on our system. This ensures that your product catalog is updated without delay.
  6. If you register a domain for me, can I transfer ownership at any time? Yes, for $39 weíll do it for you.
  7. What is the cost of a UjENA Web Store? $599 The first year of hosting and site management is free. After 12 months, youíll be billed a one time annual hosting and maintenance fee of $179.
  8. I have an E-Commerce Gold UjENA Web Store. When do you pay out the 30% commission? On the first day of the month. We encourage you to set up a paypal account and weíll deposit your commission into your account. If you donít have a paypal account, youíll be charged a $10 processing fee to print and mail paper checks.


  1. What makes UjENA the best company to partner with? Simply put, you will not find a better partner than UjENA for an e-commerce program like this. Here are some examples of what separates UjENA from other companies. UjENA has 28 years of experience. UjENA unlike most companies designs and manufactures our products in our factory. This means, the products your webstore sells are available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. UjENA allows dropshipping. UjENA has no minimum or requirements. UjENA has had a successful dropshipping program for many years. UjENA has one of the largest and most complete swimwear lines in the world. More than 1500 total sku's to sell.
  2. How does drop-shipping work? As soon as your customer places your order through your site, itís automatically received through the webstore order manager. A drop ship packing slip is generated and will ship with your customers order. This packing slip only has your contact information on it and also does not have pricing either. That information was received at the time of the order with you.
  3. How long does it take to ship my order once itís placed? This will depend on what shipping option your customer chooses. Shipping on orders up to $500 is as follows. Regular Shipping is $12 and can take between 1-10 business days for delivery. Express Shipping is $23 and guarantees delivery within 3-4 business days. Overnight Priority Shipping is $59. Saturday Delivery (special request) is $69.
  4. How will UjENA ship my orders? We use USPS and Fedex.
  5. Where are UjENA products made and what is the F.O.B.? UjENA manufactures and ships out of Mountain View, California - home of Google.
  6. What makes UjENA a great company to work with? Lots. UjENA is one of the only major swimwear and fashion brands, who manufactures themselves, has a successful online wholesale website (ujenawholesale.com), a no minimum order requirement policy and a successful drop shipping business. The fact that we also have more than 1500 skuís is very advantageous for internet business. UjENA is also well known for having industry leading technology support staff.
  7. What experience does UjENA have in the e-commerce/drop shipping world? We started Ujena.com in July, 1995. We've been selling online since the early days of ecommerce.
  8. How many swimwear and fashion products will I be able to sell? UjENA offers more than 1,500 unique styles and over 25,000 unique SKU's.
  9. How often does the product offering change? UjENA believes in changing our product offering throughout the year. Unlike most companies who only design and release product from season to season, we like make updates to accomodate the market. The beauty of the Web Stores program is your Web Store is completely in sync with any changes UjENA makes.
  10. What are the prices of most UjENA products? Items range from $46.00 to $189.00. The average price of a swimsuit is $59.00. Our best selling suit is $89.00.


  1. Technically speaking, what type website am I receiving? You are receiving a dynamic, database driven web site and license to use all UjENA photos to sell product.
  2. Where will be site be hosted? Your site will be hosted on one of our servers which are located in Virginia, Texas, and California.
  3. Is my website secure? Yes.
  4. Can I add the UjENA product database to an existing site? Many of our dealers integrate our data feed into their web sites. We offer this service at an additional fee.
  5. Can I add non-UjENA products to my UjENA webstore? Not at this time.
  6. Do you offer technical support? Yes.
  7. What if I cannot access my web site? If your site is unavailable, we know about it and are working to restore service. The Internet has been reasonably reliable in recent years and we employ the use of quality technologies and services to achieve consistant uptime. However, scheduled maintenance, acts of God, disruptions and malfunctions in the Internet backbone, problems with your own ISP, and other unforseen issues may prevent you from accessing your site.
  8. What does my web site come with? A template, shopping cart, and product catalog.
  9. How are orders placed? Your customer places the order in your checkout system. The order is automatically fed into our integrated order and manufacturing system.
  10. What happens when UjENA removes product or adds new product? Your site will automatically update to match our product catalog.
  11. What is my wholesale cost on the products? If you subscribe to the 30% affiliate program, you receive a 30 percent commission of the retail price exclusive of shipping and taxes. Commissions are paid monthly on charged and completed orders only.
  12. What is the suggested retail price? The suggested retail prices are listed on the Ujena.com website.
  13. How much does shipping cost? This will depend on what shipping option your customer chooses. Shipping on orders up to $500 is as follows. Regular Shipping is $12 and can take between 1-10 business days for delivery. Express Shipping is $21 and guarantees delivery within 3-4 business days. Overnight Shipping is $29. Saturday Delivery (special request) is $49.
  14. Do you ship internationally? Yes.

Customer service

  1. How do returns, exchanges and refunds work? If you subscribe to our 30% program then we handle all customer service. The customer will contact UjENA directly and follow the Returns and Exchanges instructions included with every order. In the case of a defective item we will promptly replace the item with the same SKU.
  2. What other customer service does UjENA provide? UjENA provides email, telephone and USPS mail support.

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